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5D Deck Set

5D Deck Set

Moncton, 4 In stock
CAD$ 25.95
Fredericton, 2 In stock
CAD$ 25.95
  • Description

    The 5D Deck , the reinvented playing cards. The most important innovation in the history of playing cards!

    A Fifth Suit - The Stars

    • The Star symbol was chosen to represent a fifth Suit, the Stars.

    Five Suits  -  Five Colors

    • With five distinctive Colors, playing cards become more beautiful, more eye-catching, clearer and more defined.

    The Return of the «1 » Card

    • The return of the « 1 » Card completes the elementary arithmetic sequence and makes it easier for children to understand.

    Aces Show Dominance

    • Ace Cards are displayed with large symbols, any ambiguity with Aces is eliminated.

    Welcome to The Princess Card 

    • The arrival of the Princess Card completes the Royal Court and brings panache to the card game.
    • The new Princess Card highlights equality between the female and male Face Cards.

    5 Different Jokers

    • The forgotten Jokers will now be more involved in the action.

    The New Card « 81 »

    • With all the mystical coherence that Card « 81 » brings, the 5D Deck reaches full maturity.

    5 New Games 

    • Super 8: Evolution Game. Super 8 needs no introduction. It's the version of the most Crazy Eights Game. With the new 5D Deck card, there will be lots of action. It can be played with 3 to 10 players.
    • Decathlon: Trick taking Game. Like the well-known track and field event, Decathlon offers ten challenges where goals, tactics and strategies must constantly adjust. It can be played with 3 to 7 players.
    • Kuadro: Solitaire Game. Kuadro, a declination of the Spanish word Cuadro and Portuguese Quadro for frame. A simple game which develops one's sense of observation.
    • Pyramath: Solitaire Game. A pyramid layout with a mathematical approach. Games are short with lots of actions.
    • Solitaire 5D: Solitaire Game. This game is a gem. If you are a fan of solitaire games, Solitaire 5D will fascinate you! With new concepts exclusive to 5D Deck, Solitaire 5D is in our opinion, the most interesting Solitaire game there is.

    Content of the set
    • 2 5D Decks, a red backed and a black backed
    • Rules for the 5 new games listed above.