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7 Wonders 2E - Edifice

7 Wonders 2E - Edifice

Available Friday, February 24 2023
Moncton, 1 left
CAD$ 47.95 CAD$ 42.00
  • Description
    • Language : English
    • Age : 10+
    • Time : 30-45 min
    • Number of players : 3-7
    These majestic edifices cannot be built by an isolated city. Participate in communal projects to reap the benefits, or suffer the consequences of failed projects. Edifice is a new expansion for 7 Wonders that adds a strategic layer to the base game without extending the game’s length. For each Edifice, players must weigh the benefits and consequences of working with the other players. Join opponents in these communal projects or ignore their construction and focus resources on personal glory. If players complete an Edifice, they earn rewards, while those who chose to work alone will miss out on end-of-age benefits. While it is the most accessible expansion for 7 Wonders to date, do not think that it will be that simple to triumph!

    Work together to build Edifices and earn rewards if they’re completed. Players can ignore them and focus on their city, but they’ll have to face the consequences if others finish an Edifice.

    This expansion is quick to set up and compatible with all versions and expansions of 7 Wonders. (The Wonders, in line with the 2020 edition, are bigger than the first edition’s Wonders, but this does not affect gameplay.)

    7 Wonders Edifice adds two Wonders and 15 Edifice cards to bring even more replay value to 7 Wonders.

    7 Wonders Edifice is the most accessible expansion for 7 Wonders, introducing a new form of player interaction without adding complexity or playtime.

    This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: 7 Wonders.