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Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

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CAD$ 49.95
  • Description

    Explore a dark, enchanting world and battle your opponents in this 2-4 player turn-based competitive strategic board game.

    Throughout the game, you’ll collect resources, learn new spells, summon a companion, and unlock your Shadow Form, all in the quest to become the ultimate Shadow Caster.

    The last player standing after the supernatural showdown wins the game!

    Box Contents:

    •  7 Hex Tiles
    •  Counterspell Deck (10 cards)
    •  Companion Deck (10 cards)
    •  Main Deck (53 cards)
    •  4 Double-Sided Player Boards
    •  1 Hex Tile Reference Sheet
    •  13 Resource Tokens
    •  5 Resource Dice
    •  4 Meeples
    •  4 Reference Cards
Wilds of Eldraine
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Wilds of Eldraine
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