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Dragon Parks

Moncton, 1 In stock
CAD$ 32.95
  • Description

    You've inherited a nature park containing legendary creatures: dragons! For your "small business" to thrive, you'll need to give it your all and make smart choices. Do you want to create a magical place that visitors flock to in large numbers and leave wonder-struck – and hopefully alive? For that, you'll need to surround yourself with the most popular dragons ever, give them cozy nests that encourage them to breed and sometimes calm down their impressive fits of rage…






    1 Central board

    1 Season token

    15 Island tiles

    82 Visitor tokens

    5 Legendary dragon tokens

    60 Transparent dragon cards




Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine