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Combat Patrol - Astra Militarum

Combat Patrol - Astra Militarum

Fredericton, 1 In stock
CAD$ 189.95
  • Description

    The Astra Militarum are the backbone of the Imperium's largest armies. They are the men and women who hold the line, a bulwark standing between Humanity and a nightmarish galaxy of horrors. Amongst the Astra Militarum's massed regiments, the born soldiers of Cadia are some of the most disciplined warriors to be found – tough marksmen trained for a lifetime of grim duty.

    Prove that Cadia still stands with Combat Patrol: Astra Militarum! This boxed set provides you with all the units you need to start your army or expand an existing collection. The contents have been chosen to provide you with a stoic core for any Astra Militarum force, ideal for Combat Patrol-sized games – which require 25 Power Level's worth of models – and will also save you money compared to buying the contents individually. The miniatures in this box come with loads of options, allowing you to really personalise your force.

    This set includes the following multipart plastic models:
    – 1x Cadian Command Squad, comprising 5x models
    – 20x Cadian Shock Troops
    – 1x Armoured Sentinel, which can also be built as a Scout Sentinel
    – 2x Ordnance Teams
    – 1x Cadian Infantry Transfer Sheet, featuring 597x transfers

    All models are supplied with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine
Wilds of Eldraine