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Fairy Tail GN Vol 32

Fairy Tail GN Vol 32

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  • Description
    • Starting with Vol. 30, the story jumps ahead seven years, opening up new ground in this long-running, bestselling series.
    • Fairy Tail is by fan-favorite author Hiro Mashima, whose previous work, Rave Master, has sold more than 300,000 copies in the United States.
    • Releases monthly!

    13 and up.
    The Grand Magic Games finally begin, but the member of Fairy Tail's team are shocked to find themselves facing off against their old nemesis Raven Tail! They may no longer be a "dark guild," but as the first round begins Erza's sure there's still something sinister going on. Of course, they'll never know what that might be unless Fairy Tail's team can pull themselves out of last place!