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Vampire Dormitory GN Vol 05

Vampire Dormitory GN Vol 05

Moncton, 1 In stock
CAD$ 15.95 CAD$ 14.99
  • Description
    "I'll do it! I'll become your thrall!" A crossdressing girl and an otaku vampire find themselves entangled in a dangerous relationship. Don't miss this heart-pounding romance from the award-winning Ema Toyama, perfect for fans of Crimson SpellBlack Bird, and He's My Only Vampire!
    The crossdressing Mito is shocked to discover that she has been turned into an actual boy! Ren has used his powers to change her body in order to keep Ruka from whisking her away. But Mito’s feelings for Ruka are increasing day by day, and she is distraught that now he will never realize that she is his “destined partner.” And to make things worse, a mysterious girl shows up who looks exactly like Mito, and claims to be the one Ruka met on that fateful night! Will Ruka realize that she’s a fake, or will he marry her and leave Mito heartbroken...?