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Unfinity Collector Booster Box (No Store Credit, No Pay In Store)

Unfinity Collector Booster Box (No Store Credit, No Pay In Store)

Moncton - New, 2 In stock
CAD$ 399.95
Fredericton - New, 2 In stock
CAD$ 399.95
  • Description

    Unfinity is available globally, and includes Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters only in English. Inside, you'll find zany new mechanics and loads of collectability with space-themed basic lands, Shocklands, and an exciting new showcase treatment for eternal cards!




    Full art basic lands are a hallmark of Un-sets, and players should look forward to infinite Booster Fun with the special Planetary Space-ic Lands, where each land type is illustrated to show off the landscape of an alien world.




    Draft Booster Displays and Collector Booster Displays include a box topper: one of ten different Traditional Foil Shocklands! That's right—the Shocklands from Ravnica have been remade into ten borderless foil lands that players will delight in cracking open. To add to the fun, there's an additional play object included in every Draft Booster.




    Because one foil is never enough, Unfinity's Collector Boosters are 100% foil! At least three foils in every pack are space-inspired galaxy foils, the illustrious foil treatment unique to this Un-set.




    Full of out-of-this-world mechanics and infinite laughs

    1 Unfinity Collector Booster—contains 15 foil MTG cards + 1 foil token

    3–5 Galaxy Foils + 10–12 Traditional Foils in every pack

    Shortcut to the coolest cards from Magic’s 4th Un-set

    The first Un-set to include Collector Boosters

    Step right up and experience the Multiverse's ultimate intergalactic amusement park