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Rifts Titan Robotics Sourcebook

Rifts Titan Robotics Sourcebook

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CAD$ 32.95
  • Description

    Rifts Titan Robotics is high-tech toy box presenting new types of armor, sleek power armor, giant robots, vehicles, and weapons sold by Titan Robotics. Ah, but Titan Robotics is much more than just another weapons manufacturer, it is the secret operation of ARCHIE-3 and all part of his plan to monitor and manipulate the outside world. Learn about Archie’s androids that run Titan Robotics, his current schemes and plans for the future.

    • New giant robots.
    • New power armor, equipment and accessories.
    • 30+ power armors and robots, plus other equipment.
    • New weapons, gear and vehicles.
    • Titan Robotics Corporation and structure.
    • Archie’s secret kingdom and plans for the future.
    • New O.C.C.s and key Non-Player Characters.
    • Android executives, security and much more.
    • Wellington Industries, campaign prompts and more.
    • Art by Zeleznik, Walton, Cummings, Atkins, and others.
    • Written by Matthew Clements and Kevin Siembieda. Cover by Zeleznik.
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