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Boss Monster Puzzle

Boss Monster Puzzle

Moncton, 2 In stock
CAD$ 23.95
  • Description

    Pesky adventurers are invading your underworld home! It’s up to you to build a puzzly dungeon, find the Secret Pieces™, and change the story so the Bosses are triumphant!




    For anyone who grew up playing 80’s and 90’s video games, this 1000-piece mystery puzzle is the perfect gift:




    Pixel art gives the puzzle a unique look that’s packed with retro details!




    A puzzle with a twist: the box cover isn’t the final image. A tip booklet gives you clues to find the Secret Pieces™ that change the story!




    Based on the best-selling card game, Boss Monster.




    When you’re done, open your envelope to finish the story and claim your prize!




    Finished puzzle is 20 x 28 inches.