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Beast Kingdom - Spider-man: No Way Home - Integrated Suit Spider-man Statue DS-101 (ETA: Q1 2023)

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    From Beast Kingdom. In the latest entry from the MCU, Peter Parker is ready to take on the multiverse for the first time in movie history! Led by some of Marvel's villains featured in previous films such as Dr. Otto OctaviusSpiderman will face a host of villains, with stakes that have never been this high!  The latest D-Stage, Staging Your Dreams dioramas from Beast Kingdom, brings to life two of the suits featured in the No Way Home cinematic movie. The D-Stage 101 features the now classic red suit, accompanied with striking gold 'Spidey' accents. Spiderman is here seen ready to take off from a New-York inspired brick building on his way to save the day!