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Predator - Predator Q-Fig Max Elite Diorama

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CAD$ 69.95
  • Description

    From Quantum Mechanix. Based on the titular monster from the movie Predator, the Predator Q-Fig Elite recreates the scene where the extra-terrestrial warrior stalks the hero, Major Dutch Schafer. But Dutch has a few tricks of his own and uses the mud to camouflage his thermal image, making him all-but invisible to the Predator. High in the trees, the Predator uses a combination of high-tech gadgets and highly-developed senses to scan for his quarry. And without his cloaking ability turned on, you're free to admire the Predator in all his fearsome glory. The Predator Q-Fig Elite stands nearly 7 inches tall from the muddy and skull-adorned display base to the very top of the gnarled and knotted tree.