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Necromunda - Escher Weapons & Upgrades

Necromunda - Escher Weapons & Upgrades

Moncton, 1 In stock
CAD$ 29.95
Fredericton, 1 In stock
CAD$ 29.95
  • Description

    Masters of pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation, what Eschers may lack in terms of raw physical strength, they more than make up for in speed, skill, and deadly flair. The weapons and equipment used by an Escher gang emphasise their strengths and lethal skills.

    Upgrade your Escher fighters with a selection of death-dealing weaponry allowing you to create a truly unique and formidable gang. Also included in this set are alternate heads and arms, meaning you can personalise your gang even further.

    This 78-piece plastic kit includes:

    – 2x Flamer
    – 2x Meltagun
    – 2x Plasma Gun
    – 2x Shotgun
    – 2x Needle Pistol
    – 2x Heavy Stubber
    – 2x Needle Rifle
    – 2x Autopistol
    – 2x Hand Flamer
    – 2x Power Sword
    – 2x Chainsword
    – 2x Stub Gun
    – 10x Alternative Hair
    – 10x Alternative Heads
    – 4x Grenade Bandolier
    – 2x Hip Knife
    – 2x Pointing Hand Arm
    – 2x Punching Fist Arm

    These parts are compatible with the Escher Gang kit and the Escher Death-maidens and Wyld Runners kit.