BUYLIST NOTE: Our prices offered show the credit value. A few spots say "cash" but we can't change it. Those prices are also credit - Also Updated FAQ


Buylist Udate

We've turned the buylist back on as of January 12th, 2023. We've adjusted some of what we're taking a bit. 

A reminder that we do buy bulk commons/uncommons/foils/lands at $3 credit per 800 card box. This is anything that does not show up on the buylist.

Moncton - New Location!


The Moncton store has moved! 

As of September 15th, 2022, you will be able to find us at 321 St George Street, in what was the old Staples Pharmacy! 

Google Maps Link


Credit Card Processing - Please Read

We're experiencing issues with our credit card processor, so for the time being, we've switched over to PayPal only. PayPal does allow you to use your credit card, with or without an account! Thanks for understanding! 

The Mailing List Is Back!

After a few weeks off, the mailing list is back! Don't forget to sign up to make sure to not miss any big news and promo codes! :) 


Also, for those with subscriptions and special orders, we finally (in theory) fixed our mail out issues!